Pre-employment screening/background screening

Pre-employment screening/background screening

BN conducts background checks, in which case we check a person’s CV for gaps or missing information, depending on his or her job role.

We have developed standard procedures, which result in rapid information gathering and reporting. A client’s specific requirements can be embedded in these procedures. Many companies refer this screening to specialized agencies, as it is time-consuming and requires a high measure of preciseness and accuracy.

BN operates in compliance with Dutch Privacy Law (WBP), making sure that personal data is processed with careful attention and will only be used in relation to the issue at hand. We advise you to always request consent from the person concerned. He or she may object to the verification at all times during the process.

The background check includes 3 components on a person’s CV:
  •  Qualification check
  • Employment history check
  • Reference check

If so desired by the client and the person involved, the standard verification checks can be extended in case of specific risk and/or trust job roles. BN will provide a detailed report in above order.

Depending on the job role and research activities required, costs may vary.

For more information on this subject or our rates please contact our help desk at 0342 – 477040 or send us an e-mail.

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